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At the end of a long day, everyone enjoys soaking in a warm bath that is filled with soothing fragrances,  full of skin beneficial ingredients like oatmeal,  oils or earth's minerals. If you stay in the tub more than 20 minutes, you begin to absorb the minerals through your skin, that helps to clean and detoxify your body. Pamper your self with some of our bath treats. 

Lip Balm
Created specially for dry skin, multi-purpose lip balm soothes dry lips, calms and heals irritation. Try dabbing on dry patches in hands, elbows or knees to relieve dryness.

Available in Chocolat and choco-mint.

Sweet Solid Scrub
Each little scrub its sized to be a single-serving scrub, each jar contains 11 pieces.
How to use:  Simply take one or two pieces before entering the shower, crush them with a little water in your palm and scrub!!!!
            Keep the container  closed and away from water.
There is no preservative, so use within 6-9 months of purchase.  For use 1 or 2 times at week.
Contact us for more details about scents available.

Help your skin to remains silky and softly scented throughout the day.
Just drop 2-3 bath bombs  into a tub of warm water and enjoy a scented fizz bath.  Relax and let your body soak in the natural and nourishing oils.
Available in flower and heart shape. $6.00
12 flowers wrapped in cello bag tied with raffia 
8 hearts wrapped in cello bag tied  with raffia   

Available in:

Color                        Scent:                                              Dried Herbs:
Lilac:                Lavender   EO                                       Lavender buds
Soft green:        Peppermint EO                                     Mint leaves
Gold:               Lemongrass EO                                     Calendula petals
Pink:               Rose Fragrance                                      Rose buds

Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, ground avena, cocoa butter, coconut oil,  soap colorants, essential oils.
Mediterranean Sea Bath Salts.  $6.00,  250 gr.
  Bathing is an easy, yet incredibly effective way to detox. Hot water opens up pores, allowing toxins to be released through the skin. Sea water and its salts are used for a therapeutic treatments including those with muscle pains and joint injuries.
Essential oils do not merely add fragrance to bath salts. They have their own healing benefits as well, they are helpful
l for detoxification.
Pour desired amount of bath salts (approximately 1-3 scoops) under running bath water while vigorously stirring the water with your hands to dissolve bath salts completely for maximum benefit and enjoyment!
Botanical Bath Salts   $7.50,  250gr.
Available in:

Color                        Scent:                                              Dried Herbs:
Lilac:               Lavender & Tea tree EO's                    Lavender buds
Soft green:       Lavender & peppermint EO's               Lavender buds & mint
Gold:               Lemongrass & tangerine EO's             Calendula petals
Pink:               Rose Fragrance                                    Rose buds

Ask for a customize scent blend
Note: Use externally only. Also, if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory conditions or diabetes, ask your doctor before taking salt baths. Avoid hot water to prevent over-drying of the skin. Avoid when pregnant.


Bath Truffles.   $8.00
Handmade with all natural ingredients and essential oils. They are so moisturizing that you won't need cream after your bath. Set of 5 bath truffles, packed in little box. Just drop 1-2 truffles in a tub of warm water, let it dissolve and enjoy!!!

Available in scents:

Color of truffle and box may vary.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric acid, cocoa butter, ground avena, essential oils.



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